10% of BITB profits will be donated to Bitcoin open-source development

The recipient organizations

Words from our recipient organizations

  • It is important to support Bitcoin Core Development in a long-term sustainable way. Bitwise’s decade-long pledge is a win-win-win with Bitwise profits leading to developer funding leading to improvements to the open-source software underpinning the industry.

    Mike Schmidt

    Executive Director, Brink
  • It is great to see large institutions supporting the open-source contributors who make this ecosystem possible. Bitwise is leading by example for all Bitcoin ETF issuers going forward.

    Matt Odell

    Co-founder, OpenSats
  • Bitcoin is a critical piece of freedom technology serving financially oppressed people around the world today. We started the Bitcoin Development Fund to support the developers who make this all possible, and we’re delighted that Bitwise is committed to supporting this important cause.

    Alex Gladstein

    Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation

Why we’re making the donation

Bitcoin was launched 15 years ago without a fundraise and has always been maintained by a dedicated community of open-source developers. These developers need our continued support to dedicate their working hours towards the essential task of securing and improving Bitcoin. At Bitwise, we are enthusiastic about the potential for BITB to serve as a consistent source of funding for these unsung heroes.

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